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Installing a new Bulkhead Door in Wethersfield, CT

This customer in Wethersfield, CT called us due to her bulkhead door leaking water into her basement.


Unfortunately, the homeowner had an oversized and old bulkhead door that was not properly sealed. During rainstorms, water leaked into the basement. Since it did not sit right and leaked, it had to be covered in a tarp, meaning it was not used. However, the homeowner still wanted to keep a bulkhead due to the extra means of egress it provided. 


Luckily, Fogarty's Home Services was able to help this homeowner. We were able to install a beautiful new bulkhead door that was the correct size for the pre-existing concrete. We caulked around the edges and installed flashing behind the door to ensure a tight fit.  Combining this with our other solutions ensures that this homeowner and her wife will have a safe, warm, and dry basement for years to come! 

Reduced Cold Floors in East Granby, CT

The homeowner called Fogarty's Home Services concerned about the floors above the basement door being cold. We found that the existing door was old and drafty. We replaced the basement door with a steel-insulated basement door. Now the floors are warmer and the basement is more comfortable.

Install New Everlast™ High-Efficiency Vinyl Windows in West Springfield, MA

This homeowner's basement windows were old, leaky, and inefficient. In the past, home builders paid little attention to the energy efficiency of basement windows, often choosing the cheapest option available. This leaves single pane glass windows with metal frames that let lots of cold air leak into the home. Single pane clear glass lets heat from the home escape by conduction through the cold glass. Metal is highly thermally conductive and a poor material for a window frame - it rusts in the damp environment near the ground and leaks a LOT of air.  Fogarty's Home Services removed the old windows and frames and installed New Everlast™ basement windows. These sliding windows have double pane glass with a specially metallic "Low E" coating on the inside of both panes of glass to reduce heat flow in or out through the glass. The frame and sashes are made completely from vinyl - the perfect material for a window so close to the ground in a damp environment - they will never rust, rot, or need paint. And Everlast™ windows are a big improvement over the way your home looks - great! This happy customer now has a warmer basement, warmer floors above the basement, less drafts, less condensation, lower overall home air leakage, and lower energy bills.

Replacing leaky Basement Windows in Colebrook, CT

This home owner in Colebrook, CT called us to his home to see if we could fix his water problem. The problem was that his basement windows were old and let water leak right into the home!

To fix this we replaced the old basement window with beautiful new slider windows. Making sure that the window is installed properly and caulked correctly. 

Now that Dr Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions have completed this install, this home owner will not have to worry about leaky basement windows ever again!

Making an Office Warmer in Simsbury, CT

This home owner in Simsbury, CT called us to his home to see what we could do to make his home office warmer. When we got to the home our building science specialist saw that there was a crawlspace with a bilco door attached to it! This was making the office very cold.

To fix this we encapsulated the crawl space. After we did that we had to finish this space off by installing a basement door. To do this we first build the frame of the door. Then we custom cut the door to the correct size for the opening we had. Then we properly installed the door, air sealed any gaps, and properly weatherstripped the door. 

Once Dr Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions completed this treatment, this home owner will now be able to work in comfort in his home!

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