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Insulating an Attic in Unionville, CT

This homeowner in Unionville, CT reached out to us hoping to get his attic insulated. When our Home Comfort Specialist came out to the home, he noted that the attic in the addition was insulated with old blown in insulation. It was unfortunately not air sealed, and the low catwalk meant that insulation could move around easily. This easily explained the issues that the homeowner was having with uneven temperatures throughout the home.


Luckily, we had a few solutions for this customer. One of these solutions was to replace the old blown-in insulation with our TruSoft™ cellulose insulation. First, we had to vacuum the blown-in insulation out of the home. Then, we went through and air-sealed the attic, adding insulated covers over the can lights in the attic.


This solution then was paused to begin installing the insulated catwalk and dam. This catwalk is insulated with SilverGlo™ foam insulation board. It was installed over the existing wood walkway. Then, oriented standard board (OSB) was installed over the SilverGlo™, using screws to keep it in place. The 18" dams are then installed on it, ensuring that the blown-in insulation does not spread onto the catwalk.


After the catwalk was installed and the attic was air sealed, we began to install the blown-in insulation. This is blown in using a large hose attached to a machine outside. This insulation gets into every crack, crevice, and odd shaped space, making sure that the entire attic is properly insulated to R-60. 


Now, this homeowner has a properly insulated attic! Within days of the work being done, the homeowner had let us know that the home was much more comfortable, and the temperature in the house was more even.

Remove & Replace Attic Insulation in West Stockbridge, MA

This homeowner contacted Fogarty's Home Services to come investigate why the temperature and moisture level in the home were so uncomfortable. We discovered that there was old, dirty batt insulation that had been exposed to the outside air due to leaks in the roof and attic areas. Air that the customer was paying to heat was leaking out of the attic and drawing cold outside air in causing drafts. Fogarty's Home Services removed and disposed of the old insulation. 

Installing a new Bulkhead Door in Wethersfield, CT

This customer in Wethersfield, CT called us due to her bulkhead door leaking water into her basement.


Unfortunately, the homeowner had an oversized and old bulkhead door that was not properly sealed. During rainstorms, water leaked into the basement. Since it did not sit right and leaked, it had to be covered in a tarp, meaning it was not used. However, the homeowner still wanted to keep a bulkhead due to the extra means of egress it provided. 


Luckily, Fogarty's Home Services was able to help this homeowner. We were able to install a beautiful new bulkhead door that was the correct size for the pre-existing concrete. We caulked around the edges and installed flashing behind the door to ensure a tight fit.  Combining this with our other solutions ensures that this homeowner and her wife will have a safe, warm, and dry basement for years to come! 

Installing an Egress Window in Otis, MA.

This homeowner in Otis, MA needed a new window in order to ensure that he would have a secondary way to get out of his basement in case of emergency. Unfortunately, there was not a pre-existing window in the basement, as is often the case. Additionally, there was not a straightforward spot to put the window due to the terrain around the home.


Luckily, Fogarty's was able to identify a spot that the window would be able to go into. We then marked off where the mini-excavator should remove dirt, rocks, and other material from around the space. We then measured out and marked where the window would ideally go. We found that putting the window in the closet would be the best spot, and marked that part of the drywall and tore it out.  On the outside, we prepped and cut the foundation so that it would fit the egress window. We then framed the window and installed it. Once we finished that, we were able to install the window well around it. The homeowner and his family loved the window, and their basement will stay safe and comfortable for years to come! 

Fix Leaky, Uninsulated Attic Hatch Pull Down Stairs in Manchester, CT

Fogarty's Home Services received a call from the homeowner who was experiencing cold, drafty rooms near the attic hatch pull down stairs to his attic. Attic hatch pull down stairs are necessary to access your attic. The problem is that when closed, they leak a LOT of air that you paid to heat from your home to the vented attic where it is lost. All of this warm air leaving the top of the house is replaced with cold outside air entering at the lower levels of your home, causing drafts, cold floors and uncomfortable rooms that are hard to heat.


Fogarty's Home Services installed an exclusive "David Lewis Hatch Cover" (named for our engineer who developed it) that rests right over your pull down stairs. It stops air leakage and insulates over the stairs. Made of lightweight SilverGlo™ foam insulation, you just lift it aside to go up to your attic, and set it back in place when you leave. You don't see anything from the finished area of your home. SilverGlo™ foam insulation has graphite infused into the foam which bumps up the insulation value by 24% over standard EPS foam. It also has a radiant barrier (foil) on the flat lid to reflect heat back in during winter and out in the summer, so the insulation isn't doing all the work by itself. Now the homeowner has a tighter, more comfortable, less drafty home he'll notice. His rooms are easier to heat and he'll experience lower fuel and electric bills.