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Before & After

Fogarty's Home Services Before & After Photos

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Foam Duct Encapsulation in Torrington, CT

Sealing and insulation of ducts directly over the existing insulation with 1" of closed cell foam insulation. 

Kneewall Space Insulation in Torrington, CT

Fully insulated and spray foamed a kneewall space in Torrington, CT

Insulating Attic in Torrington, CT

Full Attic insulation in Torrington, CT for homeowner so they can save on energy bills in the future.

Rim Joist Sprayed to Seal and Insulate

With rim joist not being insulated or air sealed Fogarty's Home Services uses a two part spray foam to insulate the rim joist and steal plates. Insulating the rim joist seals all cracks and gaps and joints preventing air leaks from the outside an insulating the important area of their home.

Majorly Improved Crawlspace Access Door in Winsted, CT

These homeowners in Winsted, CT had cold air and humidity getting into their crawlspace and moving up into their home. Crawl spaces were previously considered to not be part of the conditioned space of a home and thus were vented and no effort was put into keeping outside air out. We now know that to have a comfortable and mold free home, the crawl space must be sealed. The access door to this crawlspace was loose fitting and uninsulated, causing air leaks and letting in moisture.

We removed the old doors and replaced them with our Everlast Crawl Space Doors with a few modifications to fit the larger frame. The doors are made of 1/2" polyethylene with weather stripping to keep the door airtight. We added our SilverGlo EPS foam board to the inside as well to add insulation value and keep heat in the home in the winter and out in the summer.

Thanks to Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions, there is still easy access to the crawlspace but cold air and moisture are staying out!

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