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Majorly Improved Crawlspace Access Door in Winsted, CT

These homeowners in Winsted, CT had cold air and humidity getting into their crawlspace and moving up into their home. Crawl spaces were previously considered to not be part of the conditioned space of a home and thus were vented and no effort was put into keeping outside air out. We now know that to have a comfortable and mold free home, the crawl space must be sealed. The access door to this crawlspace was loose fitting and uninsulated, causing air leaks and letting in moisture.

We removed the old doors and replaced them with our Everlast Crawl Space Doors with a few modifications to fit the larger frame. The doors are made of 1/2" polyethylene with weather stripping to keep the door airtight. We added our SilverGlo EPS foam board to the inside as well to add insulation value and keep heat in the home in the winter and out in the summer.

Thanks to Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions, there is still easy access to the crawlspace but cold air and moisture are staying out!

Rim Joist Air Sealing in Farmington, CT


This homeowner was experiencing a significant amount of humidity in their basement. Our Building Science Expert evaluated the problem and found that using the 2-part expanding foam insulation on the rim joist and over the sill plate would be the perfect solution. This decreased the humidity in the basement and the homeowner saw immediate results.  In addition to there being less humidity, the overall air leakage to the house was reduced dramatically.

TruSoft Cellulose Attic Insulation in Farmington, CT

This homeowner was experiencing a lot of air leakage in their attic. creating cold drafty rooms as well as heat loss in the winter. The heat loss created an increase in the cost of heating the home. By air sealing all of the gaps with our foam insulation and blowing in Dr. Energy Savers TruSoft cellulose insulation, it created a more comfortable environment for the entire home and family. Our TruSoft cellulose insulation is treated with natural borate compounds. By doing this we have created a higher R-value in the space as well as decreasing the energy costs, making the rooms below a comfortable living space for the customer and their family.


Reducing Sound in a Home with Cellulose in Higganum, CT

This homeowner in Higganum, CT called us out to their home for help with some sound reduction. Many homes have little to no wall insulation, and this can make it very noisy from one room to another.

We got to the home to help this homeowner. First, we drill holes in the walls as pictured in the "before" photo above. Now, we can insert our Cellulose hose into the holes and dense pack from the bottom of the wall, to the top, and over to the next hole until the walls are completely dense packed! Thanks to Dr Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions, this will result in drastic sound reduction, less drafts, and lower heating and cooling bills!

In the before photo you can see the drilled holes in the wall, and the after photo you can see the cellulose dense-packed into the walls before the hole is re-plugged and compounded over!

Eliminating Mold and Making a Home More Comfortable in Middletown, CT

This homeowner was referred to us by an existing customer who recently had work done and knew we were perfect for the job. The homeowner had a terrible problem with mold in her attic and asked us to send someone out to help.

Our Building Science Specialist was able to easily identify the problem as being a poorly vented out bath fan leading to the attic. The air coming from the bathroom was mostly warm air, hitting the cold air in the attic and condensing into water and resulting in mold. We completely removed all existing, moldy fiberglass insulation and then cleaned and prepped the area for treatment with our MoldX2™ Cleaner and Botanical. We then built a deck and dam and blew in  new TruSoft™ Cellulose insulation. Next we ducted the bath fan out through the gable end and outside, preventing future mold issues. We completed the job by installing a David Lewis™ attic pull-down stair hatch cover to air seal and insulate the entrance to the attic.

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