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Air Sealing End Plates in West Simsbury, CT

Air Sealing End Plates in West Simsbury, CT

Before After
Air Sealing End Plates in West Simsbury, CT Air Sealing End Plates in West Simsbury, CT

End plates are at the top of every single wall in the home. The problem with end plates is there's generally a quarter inch to an inch gap left during construction of the home. This allows for air leakage which lets the cool air escape the home in the summer and warm air to escape in the winter.

When the hot air leaks into your attic in the winter, ice dams occur on your roof.  Ice dams can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home! 

Air sealing end plates is the first, and most important, of multiple treatments to eliminate ice damming.


New Basement Door In West Simsbury, CT

New Basement Door In West Simsbury, CT

Before After
New Basement Door In West Simsbury, CT New Basement Door In West Simsbury, CT

This home owner in West Simsbury,CT had called us to his home to investigate his cold, dry basement. When we got there we noticed his basement door had seen better days. What we did was take out the old door and the old framing and went to work putting in new framing and putting in a new steel insulated door. It is important to put in new framing because the old wood was not pressure treated and was starting to rot away. After the door is installed, we insulate and air seal the pockets and seams so no air can get in when the door is closed. Now this basement will not have cold, dry air leak into the basement. 

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We are the #10 Total Basement Finishing dealer for 2022-2023!
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We are the #9 Dr. Energy Saver dealer for 2022-2023!
Fogarty's Home Services was proud to receive another award at CN Live 2023! This award was for total sales in... [Read more]
The 2023 Impact Award!
Fogarty's Home Services is proud to be the recipient of the 2023 Impact Award from CN Live 2023. This award... [Read more]
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West Simsbury's Leading Spray Foam Insulation Contractor

Spray foam insulation is the best choice for insulation if you’re looking to increase your comfort & decrease your energy bills. Spray foam insulation is truly the best option for home insulation and here are a few reasons why. Spray Foam Insulation provides an air barrier due to its ability to fill gaps and cracks. It is also great at staying in the hard to reach areas because of its super-adhesive qualities. Spray foam insulation is also waterproof, unlike fiberglass and cellulose insulation. Water will not be able to pass through the foam which makes it an extremely durable and long-lasting product. Lastly, spray foam insulation is foolproof. Spray foam is sprayed as a liquid and then expands and hardens to fill voids and gaps. There is never any chance for an area to be missed or bypassed. Once cured, spray foam insulation will stay in place for decades to come and will never shift or settle like fiberglass. To ensure your home has the best insulation available and your energy bills are low, switch to spray foam insulation today!

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation Include:

  • Spray foam works in all areas of the home
  • Has a greater R-value
  • Acts as an air sealant
  • Is waterproof
  • Leaves no gaps

Attic Insulation Solutions For Your West Simsbury Home 

We specialize in a variety of attic insulation services aimed to lessen your home's carbon footprint and save energy and money each month! When it comes to attic insulation, Fogarty's Home Services is the area's leading expert who uses only the highest quality products. Our proven attic insulation solutions offer homeowners of West Simsbury a great return on their investment as well a difference they can feel year round.  

Fogarty's Home Services specializes in a wide variety of home insulation solutions ranging from spray foam, rigid foam, radiant barrier, blown-in cellulose, and much more. Our patented home insulation products have shown to lower home energy costs 30% or more! Overall the attic is using one of the least insulated parts of a home and as a result, we have perfected our attic insulation techniques to make things as efficient as possible!

If your home is suffering from high energy costs or comfort issues, contact us today for a FREE home insulation estimate. We would love to provide attic insulation to make your home more comfortable!

Services We Offer:

  • Garage Insulation
  • Home Energy Audits
  • Window & Door replacement
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Ice Dam Prevention

Reliable Basement Insulation Services

Fogarty's Home Services offers a wide variety of basement insulation types and products. When the right type of basement insulation is installed properly, energy bills are lowered and home comfort is improved. We have a dedicated team of basement insulation professionals with decades of experience and patented products. Our experts can identify basement insulation problems and formulate long-lasting solutions. The basement insulation we provide will eliminate mold, humidity, dampness and promote a healthier and drier space. On top of that, our basement insulation services will improve comfort and cause significant energy savings. Call or click today to schedule your FREE basement insulation estimate!

Crawl Space Insulation Experts

Fogarty's Home Services is an authorized dealer of the nationally renowned Dr. Energy Saver network. That means we have the knowledge and products to give you the exact results you are looking for. When it comes to crawl space insulation we are industry experts who have teams of professionals dedicated to making your crawl space a better place! Your home's crawl space may often go unnoticed but it holds great importance when it comes to the comfort of your home. As the lowest point of your home, the crawl space can suck in cold air from outside and once that air is inside it will slowly warm and circulate upwards throughout the rest of your home. Adding proper insulation to your crawl space can make your home healthier and also lower your energy bills by up to 30%. Crawl space insulation will block air from entering into your crawl space and we also add additional insulation so the existing air won't circulate throughout your home. Crawl space insulation is a great way to spend your money due to the future energy savings you will see! To learn more about crawl space insulation in your West Simsbury home, call or click today!

Window & Door Installation Company

Fogarty's Home Services installs energy-efficient windows & doors for homeowners in West Simsbury & nearby. Windows and doors are often forgotten but new windows and doors not only improve the interior and exterior appearance of your home, they also cause significant energy savings. Replacement windows and doors will help to maintain more even temperatures and eliminate drafts and energy loss. Our team of highly skilled window and door installation professionals have combined decades of experience and only use high-quality products. We offer vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum doors so we are sure to have the right products for you. Improve your home’s appeal and comfort today with replacement windows and doors. Contact Fogarty's Home Services today to schedule your FREE estimate!

Mold removal and prevention

Mold is a common household problem that is difficult to remove and unhealthy to have around. For effective mold removal services, you need trained, certified experts who can effectively test for and safely remove mold from your West Simsbury, CT home.

Removing mold yourself can prove dangerous, as toxic mold can oftentimes be indistinguishable and easily spread. We provide reliable testing and recommend services guaranteed to remove unhealthy mold from your attic, basement, bathroom, or living space and prevent growth in the future.

Job Stories From West Simsbury, CT
Insulating Cathedral Ceilings in West Simsbury, CT

This homeowner in West Simsbury, CT called us with concerns about his attic insulation. He was having a lot of issues with temperature differences in his home. Fogarty's Home Services' Home Comfort Specialist came out to see his home and noted that he had cathedral ceilings. This provided a unique issue to our team. Homes need R60 insulation in their attics - the equivalent of a 20” deep fiberglass batt. But cathedral ceilings only have the depth of the rafters (6”-11”) for insulation. Two factors relating to the optional vented roof design make the situation much worse. First, some of the rafter space is used for airflow (cold in winter) - which means even less space for insulation. Second, this air flow “wind washes” open faced fiberglass batts, reducing the R-value of batts that were designed and rated to be used in closed cavities with no airflow whatsoever. Result - your cathedral ceiling is dramatically under insulated. Air in your home that you paid to heat, hits the cold ceiling and descends, creating a “convective” loop making your room feel cold and drafty. In the summer, the roofing heats up to 160˚ and the roof heat radiates through the ceiling and heats up the room.


The best way to handle this issue is to dense pack the ceiling with TruSoft™ cellulose insulation through the soffit and fascia. The soffit vent is blocked with a continuous board which may need painting along with the fascia by the homeowner. The gutter and fascia board are removed and a TruSoft™ cellulose insulation is “dense packed” into the rafter bays through a long fill pipe inserted deep into the ceiling/roof. Dense packing fills all air spaces, compresses existing batt insulation, and stops air leakage. The ridge vent remains and functions not as an air vent, but a vapor vent. The fascia board and gutter are reinstalled. Some touch-up (patching and painting) of the ceiling may be required by the homeowner if nails pop, which doesn’t always happen, but can happen if the drywall is not secured well. Result - Room is warmer in winter, cooler in summer, less drafty, more comfortable, lower heating and cooling bills, easier to heat and cool.

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Project Location: West Simsbury, CT
Believe that we have mold in our home and are hoping to get it assessed
Project Location: West Simsbury, CT
Good afternoon Can I schedule a quote for blown insulation in an attic. In West Simsbury.
Project Location: West Simsbury, CT
Hi- we live in a 1950's garrison colonial that has poorly insulated walls, joists and sill plates plus lots of drafts. Looking for a comprehensive plan to significantly reduce air leaks and insulate the living spaces appropriately. Looking to leverage a Smart E-loan and any rebates offered to accomplish this. Thanks!
Project Location: West Simsbury, CT
Electric bill is high
Project Location: West Simsbury, CT
Upgrade attic insulation throughout house.
Project Location: West Simsbury, CT
I am concerned that we may have some mold in one of our bathrooms.
Project Location: West Simsbury, CT
Crawl space, garage and attic insulation