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Ice Damming Issues in Easthampton, MA

Monday, October 24th, 2016 by Holly White

This homeowner was experiencing cold, drafty rooms as well as significant ice damming.  Our Building Science Expert met with the homeowners for an energy evaluation and built a strong Accomplish List for their concerns in the home.  An Accomplished List is a list of concerns and problems the homeowner is experiencing.  This allows our Building Science Expert to fully understand how the home is operating.  After a thorough inspection, minimal insulation, lack of ventilation and evidence of ice dam problems in the ceilings of the conditioned spaces were discovered.  The initial treatments from our Book of Solutions were to remove existing insulation and vacuum the attic.  Then, using our 1-part expandable fire foam, we air sealed all existing penetrations from tops of walls, electrical, HVAC and plumbing.  Air sealing prevents conditioned air from leaving our unconditioned attics.  

We also provided the homeowner with a pull down stair system to more easily access their attic.  Additionally, we added our insulated storage deck to help meet the homeowners storage needs.  We also installed a bathroom ventilation system through the gable side of their home in order to allow the warm, humid air from showers to get directed outside the home.  

TruSoft Cellulose insulation built up to an R-value of 60 was blown into the attic.  This insulation will dramatically increase the conduction  loss(heat moving through solid surfaces).  

The homeowners have recognized a significant change immediately.  They look forward to having a more comfortable and energy efficient home.


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