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Before and After Pictures from Westfield
Insulating a Rim Joist in Westfield, MA

Insulating a Rim Joist in Westfield, MA

Before After
Insulating a Rim Joist in Westfield, MA Insulating a Rim Joist in Westfield, MA

This homeowner in Westfield, MA wanted the floors in their home to be warmer.  As is often the case, the rim joist was not insulated.  An uninsulated rim joist allows cold air to leak into the basement in the winter which makes the floors above cold.  Our team installed our two part expanding spray foam on the rim joist and over the sill plate to insulate and seal all air leaks.  The homeowner was very happy to have warmer floors as well as lower heating costs. 

Insulating a Knee Wall in Westfield, MA

Insulating a Knee Wall in Westfield, MA

Before After
Insulating a Knee Wall in Westfield, MA Insulating a Knee Wall in Westfield, MA

This homeowner in Westfield, MA called us out to help reduce her ice dams. What we noticed right when we pulled in was that the house was a cape cod construction home. These houses are notorious for leaking air because of the way that they are built. One of the problems is the knee walls. To fix this problem, we have to insulate this space. To start, we block the floor bay in order to stop air from getting into the floors. Then we put runs of our silverglo EPS foam board, making sure to air seal in between each sheet. Once we get up to the top we do our upper blocking to make this space is air tight. Now that we have completed this project, this home is one step closer to reducing those nasty ice dams!

Air Sealing an Attic in Westfield, MA

Air Sealing an Attic in Westfield, MA

Before After
Air Sealing an Attic in Westfield, MA Air Sealing an Attic in Westfield, MA

This home owner in Westfield, MA called us out because he was having ice dams in the winter. This is not a good sign. Ice dams can ruin a home and cost ten of thousands in repairs. The reason these dams are occurring is because the heat you pay for rises up into the attic and heats the roof deck to over 32 degrees, melting the snow. The snow runs down the roof until it gets to the gutters and re-freezes making a dam. To stop this from happening, we must air seal this home. We will stop the hot air from getting into your attics by sealing every single gap, crack, and penetration from the conditioned space to the attic. Once we have this done the house is one step closer to being ice dam free!

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We are the #10 Total Basement Finishing dealer for 2022-2023!
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We are the #9 Dr. Energy Saver dealer for 2022-2023!
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Testimonials From Westfield
I would definitely recommend Dr. Energy Saver to friends and colleagues. They arrived timely and explained...
Testimonial by Deana G. from Westfield, MA
Other companies were not as thorough.
Testimonial by Lynne P. from Westfield, MA
Very helpfull and friendly.
Testimonial by Dave D. from Wesfield, MA

Westfield's Leading Spray Foam & Basement Finishing Contractors

Spray foam insulation is the best choice for insulation if you’re looking to increase your comfort & decrease your energy bills. Spray foam insulation is truly the best option for home insulation and here are a few reasons why. Spray Foam Insulation provides an air barrier due to its ability to fill gaps and cracks. It is also great at staying in the hard to reach areas because of its super-adhesive qualities. Spray foam insulation is also waterproof, unlike fiberglass and cellulose insulation. Water will not be able to pass through the foam which makes it an extremely durable and long-lasting product. Lastly, spray foam insulation is foolproof. Spray foam is sprayed as a liquid and then expands and hardens to fill voids and gaps. There is never any chance for an area to be missed or bypassed. Once cured, spray foam insulation will stay in place for decades to come and will never shift or settle like fiberglass. To ensure your home has the best insulation available and your energy bills are low, switch to spray foam insulation today!

Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation Include:

  • Spray foam works in all areas of the home
  • Has a greater R-value
  • Acts as an air sealant
  • Is waterproof
  • Leaves no gaps

Attic Insulation Solutions For Your Westfield Home 

We specialize in a variety of attic insulation services aimed to lessen your home's carbon footprint and save energy and money each month! When it comes to attic insulation, Fogarty's Home Services is the area's leading expert who uses only the highest quality products. Our proven attic insulation solutions offer homeowners of Westfield a great return on their investment as well a difference they can feel year round.  

Fogarty's Home Services specializes in a wide variety of home insulation solutions ranging from spray foam, rigid foam, radiant barrier, blown-in cellulose, and much more. Our patented home insulation products have shown to lower home energy costs 30% or more! Overall the attic is using one of the least insulated parts of a home and as a result, we have perfected our attic insulation techniques to make things as efficient as possible!

If your home is suffering from high energy costs or comfort issues, contact us today for a FREE home insulation estimate. We would love to provide attic insulation to make your home more comfortable!

Services We Offer:

  • Garage Insulation
  • Home Energy Audits
  • Window & Door replacement
  • Crawl Space Insulation
  • Ice Dam Prevention

Reliable Basement Insulation Services

Fogarty's Home Services offers a wide variety of basement insulation types and products. When the right type of basement insulation is installed properly, energy bills are lowered and home comfort is improved. We have a dedicated team of basement insulation professionals with decades of experience and patented products. Our experts can identify basement insulation problems and formulate long-lasting solutions. The basement insulation we provide will eliminate mold, humidity, dampness and promote a healthier and drier space. On top of that, our basement insulation services will improve comfort and cause significant energy savings. Call or click today to schedule your FREE basement insulation estimate!

Total Basement Finishing in Westfield

Fogarty's Home Services now offers total basement finishing for homeowners in Westfield and throughout Western Mass. We install waterproof basement walls, basement ceilings, and basement flooring, proven to stay dry and not support mold growth. Fogarty's Home Services's expert installation techniques can transform your basement into the home theatre, playroom, fitness center, storage space, or extra living space you've been dreaming of!

Get a FREE Basement Finishing Quote!

Crawl Space Insulation Experts

Fogarty's Home Services is an authorized dealer of the nationally renowned Dr. Energy Saver network. That means we have the knowledge and products to give you the exact results you are looking for. When it comes to crawl space insulation we are industry experts who have teams of professionals dedicated to making your crawl space a better place! Your home's crawl space may often go unnoticed but it holds great importance when it comes to the comfort of your home. As the lowest point of your home, the crawl space can suck in cold air from outside and once that air is inside it will slowly warm and circulate upwards throughout the rest of your home. Adding proper insulation to your crawl space can make your home healthier and also lower your energy bills by up to 30%. Crawl space insulation will block air from entering into your crawl space and we also add additional insulation so the existing air won't circulate throughout your home. Crawl space insulation is a great way to spend your money due to the future energy savings you will see! To learn more about crawl space insulation in your Westfield home, call or click today!

Window & Door Installation Company

Fogarty's Home Services installs energy-efficient windows & doors for homeowners in Westfield & nearby. Windows and doors are often forgotten but new windows and doors not only improve the interior and exterior appearance of your home, they also cause significant energy savings. Replacement windows and doors will help to maintain more even temperatures and eliminate drafts and energy loss. Our team of highly skilled window and door installation professionals have combined decades of experience and only use high-quality products. We offer vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum doors so we are sure to have the right products for you. Improve your home’s appeal and comfort today with replacement windows and doors. Contact Fogarty's Home Services today to schedule your FREE estimate!

Mold removal and prevention

Mold is a common household problem that is difficult to remove and unhealthy to have around. For effective mold removal services, you need trained, certified experts who can effectively test for and safely remove mold from your Westfield, MA home.

Removing mold yourself can prove dangerous, as toxic mold can oftentimes be indistinguishable and easily spread. We provide reliable testing and recommend services guaranteed to remove unhealthy mold from your attic, basement, bathroom, or living space and prevent growth in the future.

Case Studies From Westfield
Problem: This homeowner had an unfinished basement and wanted part of it finished while keeping the other part still unfinished. They wanted to...
These home owners in Westfield, MA called us to see if we could help them with a problem they were having in the home. The problem was that they had...
These homeowners called us to help make their home more comfortable. They experienced inconsistent temperatures throughout the house, especially on...
Job Stories From Westfield, MA
Removing Fiberglass Batts from a Home in Westfield, MA

This homeowner in Westfield, MA called us saying that she needed help with her home's insulation. Homes, especially older ones, were not built with proper insulation in the basement. This home was no exception. There was insulation in the ceiling of their three season room, but it was fiberglass -- meaning air just blew around and through it. 


In order to help this homeowner, we had to start with removing the old fiberglass from the home. This insulation is very bulky and takes up a tremendous amount of space in trucks and our dumpsters. But it’s necessary to have a healthy home in the end. Result - now the building is ready to be fixed properly with other solutions.

Installing a Custom Door at the Bottom of Hatch Steps in Westfield, MA

This homeowner in Westfield, MA called us hoping that we would be able to help her with her home's insulation. One of the issues that this homeowner had was there was a bulkhead door leading to the basement -- but there was no door at the bottom of the stairs to keep out the outside air. Steps from the basement to the outdoors are convenient, but the (metal) hatch doors that cover them are completely uninsulated and leak lots of air. Cold winter air gets sucked into the home continually in winter. In summer, warm humid air enters the basement and causes condensation on cool floor, wall and duct surfaces. Results - Cold basement, cold floors on first floor, drafts, higher heating fuel costs, condensation in summer, higher electric costs for A/C.


We had the perfect solution for this customer -- a new insulated exterior door! Proper framing is installed and a new insulated exterior door with weatherstripping and locking knob is installed. Now “inside” the house is inside the door, and “outside” is outside the door, so it doesn’t matter that the hatch door is uninsulated and leaks air. Result - warmer basement and floors over the basement, drier basement in summer, lower fuel and electric costs, less drafts, house easier to heat, more security.

Insulating a Garage with Heated/Cooled Rooms Above in Westfield, MA

This homeowner in Westfield, MA called us stating he was having issues with the ceiling in his garage. Specifically, the garage in the ceiling was falling down, and he was hoping that we could help, as there were finished rooms above it. When our Home Comfort Specialist arrived in the home, he noted that insulation would need to be reinstalled after the ceiling was fixed. Garages are not heated, but the finished rooms above them are. So the garage ceiling must be insulated. If left uninsulated or poorly insulated, the result is cold, drafty floors upstairs and excess noise from the garage heard upstairs.


Once the work repairing the ceiling was done, we were able to insulate the garage ceiling. We were able to do this using TruSoft™ cellulose insulation that had been densely packed. The siding was removed in the appropriate places.. Holes were drilled into the rim joist (outer edge of ceiling/floor framing) from the outside, a very long pipe was inserted into the joist bays all the way to the other side. Cellulose was blown in and dense packed into the floor. The density stops airflow through the floor from air leaks. Results - warmer floors above, more comfortable rooms, quieter floors upstairs without that hollow sound, and lower heating and air conditioning bills.

Removing Mold from a Crawlspace in Westfield, MA

This customer in Westfield, MA called due to their worries regarding a lack of insulation in their crawl space. When our Home Comfort Specialist came out to evaluate, he noted a large amount of mold in that crawlspace directly under a bedroom. High relative humidity in a crawl space will cause mold to grow on the surfaces of framing lumber, sub floors, insulation, and everywhere. Spores are the airborn seeds of mold, which are produced when the mold is growing and active. These spores float on airstreams up from the crawl space into the living space, and people with sensitivities can react to them. 


Luckily, Fogarty's Home Services has the perfect solution for the mold they had. Mold-X2 Cleaner effectively eliminates mold and mildew stains on contact. It is non-abrasive and non-flammable, and is sprayed on effected areas. Once Mold-X2 Cleaner is applied, mold disappears instantly, leaving wood surface looking nearly new. Mold-X2 Botanical, a plant-based disinfectant with a pleasant, temporary scent, is sprayed or fogged on surfaces, which prevents mold from growing back. Now your crawl space is ready for other solutions. Results – The mold is eliminated, with no odors or potential for wood rot. Your crawl space is now ready for a permanent repair to keep humidity low.

Encapsulating a Crawl Space in Westfield, MA

Our customer in Westfield, MA called us due to mold issues she was experiencing in her dining room. Our Home Comfort Specialist came out to assess the home and find the cause of the mold. When he arrived, he noticed that there was a vented crawl space that had not been encapsulated. In the winter, vents let cold air directly into our home. Floor insulation sags away from the sub floor and the cold air gets above it - rendering the insulation useless. In the summer, the vents let warm humid air in which is cooled by the subterranean crawl space. This caused the relative humidity to go way up and condensation to form all over the crawl space surfaces including floor joists and ducts. Mold grows and wood rots, while insect and other pests flourish. Musty odors can be noticed upstairs as mold spores travel upwards into the living space. Eventually rotted floor joist must be replaced and mold must be remediated. An unending stream of water vapor comes up from the ground adding to the moisture load in the crawl space and house. The damp air is harder to heat and cool. Result - condensation, mold, rot, pests and odors, cold floors, drafts, uncomfortable home, higher fuel and electric bills.


Luckily, Fogarty's Home Services was able to help this customer. We decided to encapsulate the crawl space. Your vents and other air leaks to the outside are sealed, often using our insulated vent covers. Walls are insulated with SilverGlo™ insulation with a reflective radiant barrier face. SilverGlo™ foam has graphite infused into the foam to increase the R-value by 24% over standard foam. A dimpled plastic drainage matting is installed across the floor to create an airspace and thermal break, and TerraBlock™ floor insulation is installed over it. Finally the heavy duty, 20 mil thick CleanSpace™ crawl space encapsulation liner is installed permanently across the dirt floor - sealed with mechanical fasteners to the walls and spiked to the floor. CleanSpace™ features Ultrafresh™ anti-microbial ingredients in the product. Results - much lower humidity, much warmer floors upstairs, less drafts, more comfortable house, lower fuel and electric bills.

Cantilevered Floor Insulation in Westfield, MA

A cantilevered floor sticks out past the wall below it. This building detail allows air to leak in, creating cold floors above and cold ceilings below. Insulation is inadequate does not fill the bay, and can not stop air flow.


A 29/16” hole is drilled in each joist bay of the cantilever soffit. A special mesh bag is inserted into the hole and filled with TruSoft™ insulation via a hose and fill tube connected to a special blowing machine. Once packed full, the bag is pushed back towards the house and the cantilever spaces are “dense packed” with TruSoft™ cellulose insulation which stops air flow and insulates. Dense packing fills all spaces, however odd shaped they may be. Holes are plugged. Result - warm floors and ceilings, less drafts, increased comfort, quieter home, lower fuel and electric bills. 

Making Bedrooms Warmer in Westfield, MA

This homeowner in Westfield, MA called us to schedule an appointment for a Free Home Energy Evaluation because they were experiencing extreme ice damming on the roof of their home. This was happening due to a lack of proper insulation. We got them on the schedule and sent one of our Building Science Specialists to the home to evaluate why they were having this issue. We conducted our Full Home Energy Evaluation and noticed that they had very old, fiberglass insulation in the kneewalls. This was making cold air easily able to leak through the outside of the home, in to the home. This also will allow air to leak out of the home, causing high electricity bills. We proposed they choose to go with out Super KneeWall Treatment. They agreed to help become more comfortable in their homes by having this treatment done.

We sent out production team out to start the work. They installed our foam boards to them bottom of the rafters in the kneewall spaces. The ceiling is blocked and sealed with foam. This will stop the air leakage. The roof slopes were dense-packed with our cellulose insulation. This stops air flow and insulates. These homeowners called us with a problem, and we gave them a solution. The blocking, air sealing, and insulating made it so that cold hostile air from the outside cannot enter the attic, leaking out of the attic into the home. They have noticed a decrease in their energy bills and are no longer cold in their bedrooms. We fix uncomfortable homes!


This is a photo of a kneewall space finished.

Making Bedrooms Warmer in Westfield, MA - Photo 1
Making a Bedroom Warmer in Westfield, MA

These homeowners in Westfield, MA called us out to assess a problem they were experiencing in their home. The big problem they were having was that the room above their garage was super cold and drafty all winter! They were having trouble keeping this room cool during the summers as well. Upon arriving to the home and performing our full Home Energy Evaluation we noticed there was little to no insulation in the ceiling of the garage. Garages are not heated or cooled, but the bedrooms directly above them are. When the garage ceiling under a bedroom is not sealed and insulated, air that you pay to heat or cool is escaping back into that hostile environment in the garage. These customers were paying to cool their bedroom, and noticing that their room never stayed as cool as they wanted it to be since air was so easily leaking out into the garage. During the winter, these customers were always freezing in their bedroom, paying to heat air that was escaping out into the cold garage. In order to fix this issue we have to densepack TruSoft cellulose insulating into the garage ceiling from the exterior of the home. We have to carefully remove the siding off of this spot on the home. We drill holes into the rim joist, the outer edge of the ceiling, from the outside. A very long densepacking pipe is inserted into the holes we drilled, going all the way to the other side of the garage ceiling. This will compress any existing loose insulation that existed and adds much insulation value. The density of densepacking cellulose stops all airflow through the floor, making it easy to heat, and or cool the bedroom above the garage. Thanks to Dr. Energy Saver by Eco Energy Solutions, these customers can not live comfortably, happy, and more energy efficient in their homes!!


Making a Bedroom Warmer in Westfield, MA - Photo 1Making a Bedroom Warmer in Westfield, MA - Photo 2
Work Requests From Westfield, MA
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Insulated attic app 700 -900 sq front
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Project Location: Westfield, MA
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Uneven heating/cooling on 2nd floor. Wondering if my attic insulation is ineffective.
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Hi there! We want to begin planning to finish our basement. Currently it is partially finished but was cobbled together as a spare bedroom so we will probably have to start from scratch.
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Looking for a price on dense packing existing exterior walls in a 1800 sq ft cape. Home built in 1963, has old fiberglass currently in walls.
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Drafty home. Would like to add blown in insulation to exterior walls.
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I have a crawl space that has a mildew smell from the dirt. Would like to see if you have any suggestions with a free estimate. House was built in 1975.
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I would like to get an estimate to put blown insulation in my attic.
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Hello... In the near future I am getting my siding replaced on a portion of my house this would be a good time to get some insulation in the bays before I get a new siding put on
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60 ? year old 3000 sq. ft. colonial with no insulation (or some old fiberglass batts) in the sill spaces. Would like to replace with spray foam. Could also use an energy audit.
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Insulation in attic, gable vent installation. Possibly interested in replacement windows.
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Looking to have attic insulated in side by side duplex.
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Basement needs insulation
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I would like an estimate for the attic space in my garage to be insulated. I had Dr energy savers insulate my house last year and I loved the outcome.
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Looking to insulate my garage ceiling. No living space above. The 3 car garage is approx 800sq ft. 2X6 construction
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Leaky house with lots loss air loss. Looking for air sealing to be done on the house
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Would like attic ceiling spray foam insulated. Thx.
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I have a shed roof that needs insulation. The roof is 10x17 with 6" rafters. I would like a price to insulate.