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Fix Leaky, Uninsulated Attic Hatch Pull Down Stairs in Manchester, CT

Fogarty's Home Services received a call from the homeowner who was experiencing cold, drafty rooms near the attic hatch pull down stairs to his attic. Attic hatch pull down stairs are necessary to access your attic. The problem is that when closed, they leak a LOT of air that you paid to heat from your home to the vented attic where it is lost. All of this warm air leaving the top of the house is replaced with cold outside air entering at the lower levels of your home, causing drafts, cold floors and uncomfortable rooms that are hard to heat.


Fogarty's Home Services installed an exclusive "David Lewis Hatch Cover" (named for our engineer who developed it) that rests right over your pull down stairs. It stops air leakage and insulates over the stairs. Made of lightweight SilverGlo™ foam insulation, you just lift it aside to go up to your attic, and set it back in place when you leave. You don't see anything from the finished area of your home. SilverGlo™ foam insulation has graphite infused into the foam which bumps up the insulation value by 24% over standard EPS foam. It also has a radiant barrier (foil) on the flat lid to reflect heat back in during winter and out in the summer, so the insulation isn't doing all the work by itself. Now the homeowner has a tighter, more comfortable, less drafty home he'll notice. His rooms are easier to heat and he'll experience lower fuel and electric bills.