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Before and After Pictures from Bloomfield
Installing a Bath Fan in Bloomfield, CT

Installing a Bath Fan in Bloomfield, CT

Before After
Installing a Bath Fan in Bloomfield, CT Installing a Bath Fan in Bloomfield, CT

This home owner in Bloomfield, CT had a humidity problem in there bathroom due to not having a bathroom fan. By not having a fan, you are letting all that humidity stay in the bathroom with no where for it to go. This eventually will cause mold to grow on the Sheetrock walls and mold is not something you want in your home. To fix this problem, our team installed a high efficiency bath fan. After we installed the fan, we have to duct the vent out the home by running the vent to the Gable side of the home. We then attach it to a proper vent so the humid air can escape. Now the homeowners will not have any more mold in their bathroom!


Installing Basement Window Wells in Bloomfield, CT

Installing Basement Window Wells in Bloomfield, CT

Before After
Installing Basement Window Wells in Bloomfield, CT Installing Basement Window Wells in Bloomfield, CT

This homeowner in Bloomfield, CT  called us to and check out her basement. She was getting a lot of water in through her basement window. To fix this, we decided on replacing the window and installing our SunHouse Basement Window Encloser. To do this, we first had to rip out the old metal framed window well. We had to dig out the earth in front of the window. Next, we lay down stone in the hole we dug to help the water disperse. Then, we put in our SunHouse window well and the cover. We caulk and screw everything in place, this homeowner will not have to worry about water coming through her window again!

Making a Home Comfortable in Enfield, CT

Making a Home Comfortable in Enfield, CT

Before After
Making a Home Comfortable in Enfield, CT Making a Home Comfortable in Enfield, CT

This homeowner called our office looking for a full Energy Evaluation because her home was very cold and drafty and very expensive to heat. 

Upon performing the evaluation, our Building Science Specialist realized that the basement was the main culprit. Without a properly insulated and air sealed basement, your home may seem much colder than necessary, resulting in a cold and drafty home overall and much higher energy bills! 

By Insulating the Rim Joists with Closed Cell Spray Foam and lining the basement walls with Foamax Insulation Board, Dr. Energy Saver was able to fix the problem and accomplish our goal to provide warmer, less drafty rooms, and lower energy costs, making this homeowner happy, and more comfortable.

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We are the #10 Total Basement Finishing dealer for 2022-2023!
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We are the #9 Dr. Energy Saver dealer for 2022-2023!
Fogarty's Home Services was proud to receive another award at CN Live 2023! This award was for total sales in... [Read more]
The 2023 Impact Award!
Fogarty's Home Services is proud to be the recipient of the 2023 Impact Award from CN Live 2023. This award... [Read more]
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Fogarty's Home Services is an authorized dealer of the nationally renowned Dr. Energy Saver network, the best energy-conservation contractors across the country. We are not just a contracting company, we specialize in helping you understand your home's current energy efficiency, suggest repairs, and we also do the work! You'll receive the maximum energy and cost-saving results with least amount of hassle.

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We specialize in a variety of services aimed to lessen your home's carbon footprint and save energy and money each month! We offer it all, from air sealing to ductwork services and window replacement in Bloomfield, Connecticut.

At Dr. Energy Saver, we not only test and investigate your home's energy hogs, but we will discuss and prioritize the proper repairs. You'll know which ones will save you the most energy and why. This will also help direct you in making the best decision for you and your family.

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For a FREE, no-obligation services estimate in Bloomfield, CT, please completely fill out the form to the right, and Dr. Energy Saver will contact you shortly. With this free estimate you'll also receive a free copy of the book; "Saving Energy and Money at Home." This is a resource written by the two Dr. Energy Saver visionaries and a Dr. Energy Saver writer. It's a great tool to use as you begin to create a more comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient home!

Case Studies From Bloomfield
These homeowners in Bloomfield, CT called us in for two very important reasons. One of the reasons was that they had ice dams in the winter and...
This homeowner's basement window was old, leaky, and inefficient, making the home uncomfortable. In the winter, homeowners can feel the results of...
Job Stories From Bloomfield, CT
Insulating a Basement in Bloomfield, CT

This homeowner in Bloomfield, CT reached out to us hoping that we would be able to help her, as her insulation was falling down in her attic. When our Home Comfort Specialist came out to the home and was going over her concerns, they identified the lack of insulation in the rim joist in the basement as an issue that was causing home comfort problems. The “rim joist” is the perimeter of the floor framing system along the exterior of the house. The joints and gaps between all the framing members allow for a lot of air leakage into the house. The rim joist is seldom insulated and never air sealed. Basement ceiling insulation, especially fiberglass batts, doesn’t stop the flow of cold air into the home. Results - cold floors, drafty, uncomfortable rooms, cold basement/lower level, higher heating and cooling bills and more condensation in the basement or crawl space in the summer.


We had the perfect solution for this customer. In this solution, we spray foam the rim joist in the basement in order to seal and insulate it. Two part expanding spray foam is installed on the rim joist and over the sill plate to seal all air leaks from the outside and insulate this important area of the home. Our spray foam has a high insulation value per inch of R7, and because it expands, it seals all cracks and gaps and joints where air from the outside enters the home. Results - warmer floors, less drafts, more comfortable rooms, the house is easier to heat and costs less to heat, less summertime condensation on cold basement surfaces.

Insulating a Chimney in Bloomfield, CT

This homeowner in Bloomfield, CT called us regarding replacing his insufficient attic insulation. When we arrived in the home, we found that the attic was desperately in need of insulation. One weak spot was the area around chimney, which was not insulated at all. The building code requires that no combustible materials, including wood framing and insulation, be within 2” of a masonry chimney. This has left millions of homes with an airspace from the basement or crawl space right to the attic. Air that this homeowner was paying to heat was leaking out of his home to the vented attic, where it was lost. Results - a more drafty, uncomfortable house that’s harder to heat, higher fuel and electric bills.


Fogarty's Home Services had the perfect solution for this customer. Our solution was to wrap the chimney. First, the space between the wood framing and masonry was flashed with metal and then sealed airtight with special high temperature fire caulk. Then completely fireproof “Rock Wool” insulation panels were installed around the chimney so that cellulose insulation could be blown against the chimney. “Chimney Wrap” leaves no gaps in the insulation around your chimney, and seals one of the biggest air leaks in your home. Results - Lower house air leakage, less heat loss, home is more comfortable and easier to heat - lower fuel bills.

Fixing Air Leaks Around Can Lights in Bloomfield, CT

This homeowner in Bloomfield, CT called us with concerns regarding air leaks he was experiencing in his home. The home was getting cold very quickly after the heat shuts off -- making his heat run excessively. When our Home Comfort Specialist arrived, he noted that this home had can lights. Can lights are holes in the ceiling. Air leaks between the fixture and the drywall, and through the fixture itself because of the many holes and seams in it. To make matters worse, when the light is on, incandescent and halogen bulbs burn at 380˚F and this hot air rises faster and causes the can light to leak faster. Most can lights are not rated to have insulation against them because of the fire hazard when these fixtures get hot. And gaps in attic insulation cause heat loss in addition to the can light air leakage problem. Results - more drafts and colder rooms downstairs. Higher overall home air leakage rate. Higher heating and cooling (fuel and electric) bills.


Luckily, Fogarty's Home Services had a solution to his problem. We installed our TiteShell™ can light covers. They are placed over can lights, fitted around wires and fixture struts, and sealed air tight with expanding foam. TiteShell™ covers are safe from the fire hazards of hot bulbs and fixtures. Once TiteShells™ are installed, TruSoft™ insulation can be blown into the attic against and over them, eliminating costly gaps in insulation and adding R-value. Results - less drafts and more comfortable rooms - including downstairs. A tighter more energy efficient house, lower heating and cooling (fuel and electric) bills, house is easier to heat and cool.

Removing Dirty Attic Insulation in Bloomfield, CT

This customer from Bloomfield, CT reached out due to very thin insulation in his attic. He wanted either new insulation or more insulation on top of it. Attic insulation in your home can get pretty nasty. Over many years it sits there collecting dirt, dust, pollen, bugs, rodent feces (from mice, squirrels, bats, etc.), bird droppings and nests and all kinds of undesirable things. It’s possible that old insulation like this can be moved aside for a proper air sealing job that must be done prior to adding enough TruSoft™ blown cellulose insulation to today’s standards - but why not remove the old, nasty insulation from your home and start fresh?


Fogarty's Home Services conducted the unpleasant task of removing the damaged, soiled insulation in that attic. Batt insulation is bagged and then the attic is vacuumed to remove pieces, parts and dust. Loose fill insulation is vacuumed with a giant vacuum located outside with giant filter bags and a very long, fat hose. Result - Now the attic is clean! It’s ready for proper air sealing and installation of clean, new, fresh cellulose insulation or one of our other Dr. Energy Saver strategies to make your home comfortable and energy efficient.

Leaky, inefficient basement windows in Bloomfield, CT

The homeowner reached out to Fogarty's Home Services because her basement window was old, leaky, and inefficient. We removed the old window and replaced it with an Everlast™ Basement Window.  We sealed the window airtight. This happy homeowner will now experience a warmer basement, warmer floors above the basement, less drafts, and lower energy costs. 

Work Requests From Bloomfield, CT
Project Location: Bloomfield, CT
My living room area is colder than my bedrooms and I am assuming it is due to the lack of insulation in the attic above that area. I have insulation in the attic above my bedrooms but I do not believe there is insulation in the area above my living room and I was wondering if that was something that could be done?
Project Location: Bloomfield, CT
Would like to get a quote on my main attic and breezeway attic.
Project Location: Bloomfield, CT
I'm planning on getting a few things updated at my house and was wondering if you offer financing. If not I would like to receive a quote for repairs.
Project Location: Bloomfield, CT
Insulation for walls
Project Location: Bloomfield, CT
Inadequate insulation in the attic, walls and garage
Project Location: Bloomfield, CT
I need the eves of my attic insulated.
Project Location: Bloomfield, CT
Id like to get a home energy audit to see where i can improve insulation in my house. I have a 2 year old AC/heating system in the attic.
Project Location: Bloomfield, CT
Project Location: Bloomfield, CT
My attached garage is very cold and would like to be able to access it in the winter without needing to dress warmly.
Project Location: Bloomfield, CT
I have one of my front insulated windows broke, and I want to get a quote or replace it.
Project Location: Bloomfield, CT
Ductwork sealing
Project Location: Bloomfield, CT
Feel drafts in home and the attic is underinsulated.
Project Location: Bloomfield, CT
We would like to prevent ice dams from forming in the winter by improving the insulation in our attic. We currently have blown-in fiberglass insulation but we may need air baffles and some air leaks sealed. Thank you.
Project Location: Bloomfield, CT
Hello: I am looking for an attic insulation estimate for Chif purposes. Please reply via email.